Amisan Mountain



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This mountain is noted for the glorious tints of its autumn foliage and famous for the wild ginseng from the earliest time. Tradition says that if a bad person tried to climb this mountain, he or she would be injured. Even though Oseosan Mountain is not so high, it has deep valleys and grand physical aspects. If someone regards this mountain as easy one, he or she would have difficulty in climbing this mountain. Boryeong Reservoir contains the water and the edge of the mountain is submerged.

It is fantastically beautiful when the red leaves of the whole mountain are reflected at the lake. This mountain is lies at the northeastern Yongsuri, Masan Myeon. The top of the mountain soaring from Tohwadam is lies over Punggae Ri and Yongsu Ri. The northern side of this mountain is the boundary with Oisan Myeon, Buyeo. There is Chungdaeam that is established in Baekje Kingdom and Yeongcheon that is a mineral spring in this mountain.