Wonsando Beach



  • 1330 Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330
  • Tourism and Transportation Department in Boryeong City HallPerson in charge of Tourism Promotion : +82-41-930-3541~2

When you get on board a ship at Daecheon Port for 30 minutes, you arrive at Jeodu where is the entrance of Wonsando(Wonsan Island). People in the village named this island Wonsando, because the geographical features of the island looked like a wild boar. This island is very famous for the shipping spot. You can reach Seonchon, the biggest village in the Wonsando, when you take a walk for 10 minutes from Jeodu.

The old name of Wonsando is Koman Island. The mountains are high and there are many hills, that's why people named this island Wonsando. Wonsando is the second biggest island in Chungnam. The biggest one is Anmyeon Island (Anmyeondo).

Wonsando has been famous for its resort for a long time and there have been always a lot of tourists. Especially, the beach in Wonsando has been very famous for its good quality of sand, the gentle gradient, the clean seawater and the suitable water-temperature, which attracts the tourists to this island continuously.

The village-buses are run from the wharf to the beach. You can see the dazzlingly white beach, when you pass through the small hills and the small rice-field. Even though the beach is in the island, it is large in scale. The sand made up of quartz sand is very fine, as if somebody spread flour there.

The beach in Wonsando is not much affected by the tide thanks to its south facing, which is the best condition for people who want to have a good time. There are several spots of white sand near the beach. It is said that its length is 70 ri and the shape of this looks like a white band. During summer, the beach is very crowed with a lot of summer visitors more than a hundred thousand people. If you tried to find some quiet place, it is very easy to find small and quiet places of the white sand, when you get out of the beach. You can feel as if you own the whole white sand. At the end of the place of white sand, there are some rocks. If you try to fish here, you can get greenling, arenomya, and black porgy. In addition, it is very interesting to grab the mareotis that creeps on the rocks. If you dig the white sand up, you can easily find various shellfishes.

The majority of the accommodations are the private residences temporarily taking lodgers at present, however you can enjoy the camping in a camp. There is no difficulty in getting water, because there is a spring in the island. At present, Wonsando is under the development in large scale. It is planed to construct the accommodations such as a condominium, a family-hotel, a youth hostel, a cottage for rent and an inn. The whole island will be created with the ocean sports complex such as the spots for seawater pool, water ski, motorboat, Jet Ski and wind surfing. You will also be able to see the multi-purpose playground, a tennis court, a cycling course and training spot for the body and spirit. A promenade will be between the fine wood and white sand and an observatory will be built up.

The special products of Wonsando are the salted sand lance, the Wonsando laver and the small green onion. The salted sand lance is specialty of Boryeong City and it is produced in the mass quantity. Sand lance means an anchovy which size is between 15cm and 25cm. The sand lance from the sea in the Wonsando is salted through the sun-dried salt without mixing any other food processing. And it has been preserved in the temperature of a room for one year. The salted sand lance out of Wonsando is sweet and you can feel the lightly seasoned taste. There are some products of salted sand lances using the name of this product by stealth. You can buy the original salted sand lance in the place of origin with the low price.

The laver is also outstanding specialty in Wonsan City. The laver from Kojeong located at Kojeong Ri, Jupo Myeon, is very famous in Korea. So is the laver from Wonsando in the taste and quality. The laver from the pollution-free sea zone doesn't add any synthetic flavorings. You can feel the natural taste of the laver.

The small green onion is the specialty of this island, and it is cultivated at the model farm in Wonsan 1 Ri. Its ball is pretty big just like that of onion and its taste is very good. There is a ferry from Daecheon Port and Seonchon 3 times a day. There is an increase in the number of ferries during the vacation.


  • Take a bus or taxi at Daecheon Station / Boryeong Bus Terminal and exit at Daecheon Port. (Bus: 40-minute ride, taxi: 20-minute ride)
  • Board the ferry at Daecheon Port and debark at Wonsando Island (Seonchon or Jeodu)(Daecheon Port: +82-41-934-8773, 5963)
    ※ The ferry (between Daecheon Port and Wonsando Island (Seonchon/Jeodu)) is operated three times a day. During the busy season, it runs more frequently.
  • Drive your car or get on a shuttle bus at the ferry terminal and stop (or get off) at the beach.

Passenger ship regular sailing schedule

Daecheon Port ↔ Jeodu Dock
the ferry Time table
- Departure from Daecheon Port Departure from Wonsan Island
October thru March 07:20, 12:40, 16:00 08:40, 14:00, 17:20
April thru September 07:20, 13:30, 17:00
15:30(Operated on Saturdays and Sundays)
08:40, 14:50, 18:20
15 : 55 (Operated on Saturdays and Sundays)
Daecheon Port ↔ Seonchon Dock
the ferry Time table
- Departure from Daecheon Port Departure from Wonsan Island
October thru March 07:20, 12:40, 16:00
10:30(Operated on Saturdays)
08:20, 13:40, 17:00
11:05(Operated on Saturdays)
April thru September 07:20, 10:30, 13:30, 17:00 08:20, 11:05, 14:30, 18:00


name, talephone No., Number of room, Remarks
Name Telephone No. Number of Room Remarks
Seohaejang +82-41-936-6338 14 rooms In the Wonsando Beach
Sansujang +82-41-936-6360 7 rooms
Wonsanjang +82-41-936-6045 8 rooms
Subakjib +82-41-936-7784 9 rooms
Square Minbak +82-41-936-6289 9 rooms
Samwookwan +82-41-935-1762 9 rooms
Baeksajang +82-41-936-6087 8 rooms
Songlimsanjang +82-41-936-6237 8 rooms In the Obongsan Beach
Obongpark +82-41-936-6560 6 rooms
Jeongdeunjang +82-41-936-6475 7 rooms
Obong Minbak +82-41-936-6166 9 rooms
Seamgolsanjang +82-41-936-6069 7 rooms
Daeseongcondo +82-41-936-6382 11 rooms
Beach house +82-41-936-6210 8 rooms
Neulpureunjang +82-41-936-2833 7 rooms

Information for fishing

Name of Ferry, Telephone No, Fixed No., Remarks
Name of Ferry Telephone No. Fixed No. Remarks
The Second Ami +82-41-936-6344 7 people Jeodu
The Kookhwa +82-41-936-6145 6 people
The Suseong 5 Ho +82-41-936-6414 9 people
The Wonchang +82-41-936-6122 12 people
The Changjin +82-41-936-6101 10 people
The Seonchon +82-41-936-6049 8 people Seonchon
The Suneung +82-41-936-6007 12 people
The Bokseon +82-41-936-6446 10 people
The Yongwon +82-41-936-6325 9 people
The Bokheong +82-41-936-6032 15 people
The Sinpung 2 Ho +82-41-936-6027 11 people
The Wonchang +82-41-936-6308 11 people
The Wonda +82-41-936-6045 8 people
The Jeongchang +82-41-936-6041 8 people
The Hansin +82-41-936-6465 10 people
The Yeongjin +82-41-936-6028 5 people
The Daeil +82-41-936-6140 7 people Chojeon
The Seongjin +82-41-936-6119 8 people
The Miseong +82-41-936-6376 9 people