Marine products

Marine products [photo]

Launce that is caught in the sea of Boryeong is already proved for the superior quality. Especially picked launce that launce in May and June and salt at the ratio of 8 to 2 are ripened has the excellent taste that cannot be compared to anything. Oyster that is produced a lot in Chunbuk area grows slowly because the tide ebb and flow changes a lot but the taste and nutrition are superior.

Bansa pattern dried laver and Cham dried laver in Boryeong contain high protein and good flavor so that they are famous in Korea. Especially Wonsando dried laver is most popular. Blue carb in Daecheon port is larger than those in other area and has lots of fresh so it is very popular. In addition, lobster from Muchangpo area is superior to those from other areas and it satisfies the taste of gourmet as it is caught in clean sea area.

Besides, cuttlefish in Boryeong that is dried in Daecheon port, Comb pen shell that is caught by diving method in Ocheon, Cockle, Disk abalone, Scallop, Rathbun's giant lima are also the indigenous products in this area.