Muchangpo Shrimp & Gizzard Shad Festival


During the Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Shrimp & Gizzard Shad Festival, there are a variety of fun and exciting hands-on events such as searching for shellfish and shrimp in the tidal flats. One of the main reasons for this festival is to advertise the excellence of Muchangpo shrimp and gizzard shad, making these available at low prices during the festival. Visitors can also witness the so-called modern-day ‘Miracle of Moses (Parting of the Sea)’, which takes place from Muchangpo Beach to Seokdaedo Island (1.5km long).

About Gizzard Shad

It’s been said that healthy seasonal food is as good as boyak (‘herbal medication for improving stamina’). Entering September, it is a good season to regain the appetite lost during the hot summer. The fresh seafood of this season is the best. In Korea, there is the expression ‘Bom Dodari & Gaeul Jeoneo’, which means that the ridge-eye flounder is said to be the tastiest in spring and the dotted gizzard shad in fall. In other words, gizzard shad tastes amazing in fall. This fish spawns in spring and fattens up in fall, making it tender and savory at this time of the year.

About Shrimp

According to Pencao Kangmu (‘Great Pharmacopoeia’), shrimp is the best tonic for strengthening kidneys and promoting blood circulation. It’s even said that ‘Shrimp are not for an energetic young man.’ The term ‘Daeha’ literally means ‘big shrimp.’ Put aluminum foil on a frying pan and sprinkle liberally with salt. Place the shrimp on the foil and cover the pan with a lid. You can see the shrimp turning into red. Daehatang (shrimp soup) is also delicious. This mouth-watering soup is savory and refreshing.

  • When : Mid-September – Early October
  • Where : Muchangpo Port