Daecheun Port



  • 1330 Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330
  • Tourism and Transportation Department in Boryeong City HallPerson in charge of Tourism Promotion : +82-41-930-3541~2

It locates from 12km distance apart from BoryeongCity and has Daecheon beech 1km near. Its strategic importance as marine route, and advance base of fishing industry has been raising. Apart from recently growing environmental concerns, Daecheon Port is in pollution-free sea zone. It is blessed with abundant kinds of fishes.

Blue crab, squid, trumpet shell, porgy, and other marine products attract people to come. Especially, blue crab and squid, one of the special products of Daecheon Port are famous for its excellent tastes and inviting more and more people to visit here. String of dried squid is one of unique landscape in Daecheon Port. Fresh fishes just right out from home-came fishing vessel are getting more popularity among many visitors with its good taste and low price.

Port humming with vigor. Like other many port cities, Daecheon Port is also a place of full energy. Lots of fishing vessels anchored in the Port, many travelers come and back from their trip to near Boryeongislands, a noisy fish market, all these things move like a live fish. Every early morning, when fishery auction starts, Daecheon Port becomes briskness itself.

When the auction in the fish market is over, then, the market is ready for the coming of those people who want to buy fresh fish in direct. Bargaining with street trader, mostly old women with local accent, is another enjoyable things in this city. Little but many restaurants along with the breakwater, and the various dishes they provide, such as blue crab soup, hot chowder, various raw fish will make your trip more pleasant and hard to forget.

Daecheon Port is both distributing center of marine products and transportation for natives and travelers in Boryeong. Passenger boats shuttle between this Port and many near islands, Wonsan Island, Oiyeon Island, Sapsi Island, NokIsland. During vacation season and weekend, this Port is crowded with people, who come here for sightseeing or fishing. Fishermen enjoy catching goby, black porgy on the boat anchored in Port is not the strange scene here.