Okmasan Mountain



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  • Association of Aviation in Boryeong City : +82-41-936-1797

Eongju Myeon, Boryeong Si, Chungnam Seongjusanne (the top of mountain). There are Seongjusan Mountain and Okmasan Mountain surrounding the southeasten side of Boryeong City. The name of mountaintop is Okmabong. You can see various details up to West Sea in the island such as Daecheon Beach, Muchangpo Beach and tourist resort of Jukdo. Gujeolyangjang Hill in the Okmasan Mountain had been the passage between Seongju and Buyeo, until that Seongju Tunnel was constructed. You can see Okmajeong pavilion at the glance, after you pass by unpaved road out of breath. If you climb the mountain again at the descending road heading for Seongju from Okmajeong, you will arrive at the gliding place for the hang gliding and the paragliding. This place plays a role of a Mecca for the fans of air sports.

This is a frequent place to the fans of hang gliding and paragliding. There is a resting place in the fine tree wood next to the gliding place. Boryeong City holds the nationwide gliding contest every year. For your information, the following is a telephone number of Daecheon Air Club: 041-936-1797