Nokdo Island



  • 1330 Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330
  • Tourism and Transportation Department in Boryeong City HallPerson in charge of Tourism Promotion : +82-41-930-3541~2

The name of Nokdo (Nok Island) has been named due to its deer-shaped feature. There were grass-graves in the past. Actually the territory of this island is insufficient due to a lot of rocks and high-pitched places.

pecialties of this island are arenomya, trepang and abalone etc. The white sand (3.5 kilometers long and 100 meters wide) is very large in scale. You can see the strange rocks and bizarre stones to the south of white sand, and it is a wonderful sight. The temperature of the seawater is appropriate for the swimmer and they have a good time.


  • Take a bus or taxi at Daecheon Station / Boryeong Bus Terminal and exit at Daecheon Port. (Bus: 40-minute ride, taxi: 20-minute ride)
  • Board the ferry at Daecheon Port and debark at Nok Island (Daecheon Port: +82-41-934-8773, 5963)
    ※ The ferry (between Daecheon Port and Nok Island)is operated one times a day. *Summer : two times a day

Passenger ship regular sailing schedule

Daecheon Port ↔ Nok Island
the ferry Time table
- Departure from Daecheon Port Departure from Nok Island
October thru March 10:00 13:05
April thru September 08:00, 14:00 11:05, 17:05


Name,Telephone No.,Number of room,Location,Fee,Remarks
Name Telephone No. Number of room Location Fee Remarks
Cheon Okjin +82-41-932-0971 3 rooms North side 30,000 won
Park Myeongsu +82-41-932-2870 4 rooms In the middle 30,000 won
Lee Kyuin +82-41-932-0097 4 rooms The entrance 30,000 won